About Bliss Homes

About Bliss Homes

The mission is simple: Design comfortable, livable, beautiful homes - held to the highest standard - that are priced and built in an environment of trust and dependability.


About Bliss Homes

About Bliss Homes

The mission is simple: Design comfortable, livable, beautiful homes - held to the highest standard - that are priced and built in an environment of trust and dependability.


Founded in 2005, Bliss Homes is one of the preeminent residential homebuilders in the Triangle. Led by husband and wife team Brian and Siobhan Finnamore, Bliss Homes has successfully developed 5 communities and will soon have 250 new and custom built homes in the Triangle. President & CEO Brian Finnamore has been building homes in New York and North Carolina for more than 25 years - including several award-winning designs in the Triangle.

Paramount to their success is an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship excellence in every

detail - from modern floor plans to unique features to fine finishes. Their dedication to this high standard has earned them an impeccable reputation of trust and dependability. 

Whether you’re transforming an existing home or office or building the home of your dreams, you deserve the customer service, attention to detail, home quality and personal integrity that have become synonymous with Bliss Homes – the best home-buying experience in the Triangle.



The Bliss Homes Leadership Team



Brian Finnamore has built a reputation of exceptional quality, customer service and integrity for more than 25 years. Brian began his residential construction experience in the Hamptons and Manhasset areas of New York, where he worked from 1987 – 2005, and the Triangle area in North Carolina where he relocated in 2005. Brian works directly with every client and is involved in every facet of the project - from the design phase through the home’s completion and warranty. Brian is responsible for daily onsite supervision, ensuring that your new home, addition, remodeling job will get the individual attention it deserves.

His latest endeavor is Windsor Estates, a 39 lot subdivision in Franklin County with homes ranging from 1,800 sq. ft. – 2,700 sq. ft. and prices from the low to high $200's. A highly organized and efficient business model allows Bliss Homes to complete projects effectively and efficiently in regard to customer service, construction supervision, permitting, sales, and purchasing. Brian’s zest for tackling and completing projects in a timely and cost effective manner has served him and his clients well over the years. His approach to challenges brings about quick and well thought-out solutions to situations as they develop.

Brian's easygoing nature is widely known and respected - resulting in an enjoyable and trouble-free experience for buyers.

To learn more, contact Brian here.


Siobhan Finnamore.jpg

Siobhan Finnamore is the yin to Brian’s yang. Overseeing design, sales and marketing, Siobhan collaborates with architects and interior designers to ensure the needs and wants of their buyers are incorporated into every facet of their new home. This means developing innovative design solutions that are functional, comfortable and beautiful.

As a Real Estate Broker, Siobhan has unique insight and expertise in the purchase and sale of new construction. She practices in general brokerage with Coldwell Banker HPW and works with buyers and sellers in Wake and Franklin County. She is an Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR), is Quality Service Certified (QSC), and GREEN certified.

Siobhan lives by her motto: "Service with integrity".

To learn more, contact Siobhan here or call | (919) 398-5288



Finn Finnamore is Lead Relationship Specialist. A member of the team since birth, Finn oversees nearly every aspect of design and development - especially site management, where he takes a personal interest in walking the subdivisions every day, meeting with each team member and keeping unwelcome "nut-huggers" at bay.

Finn's work ethic is a thing to be admired. In the morning, upon hearing Brian put on his boots and pick up the keys to the truck, Finn will run to the door to ensure he isn't left behind for the day. He often returns home at night with red clay up to his knees - evidence of a hard day's work. He enjoys riding with Brian and keeping an eye on all he surveys. It has been rumored that Finn can sometimes be seen at the McDonald's drive-thru ordering a burger from the $1 menu - all requests for comment or confirmation have been denied by his office.

At the end of the day, Finn lies across Brian's knee fast asleep exhausted from another day in construction. Brian has often been heard to say, "I want to come back as my dog". 

People not only fall in love with Bliss homes, but also with Finn - our unique selling feature.



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